Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Don't Buy It!

The negativity that is--don't buy it! I didn't, and I'm still a very busy full-time Realtor! I've had other people in the business try to tell me how slow the market is, and I just smile. I know in my mind that those are the Realtors who have bought into the negativity and given up. Has your Realtor given up? Tulsa's market is still strong--we don't bubble, so we don't burst! Many home buyers, first time & experienced, are jumping into the market now to take advantage of the low interest rates. So, Sellers, if you think you need to wait to list your house--WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! We have buyers now! Tulsa's weather was horrible today... I can't name one school that was open. Road conditions were treacherous, and my Dad called to make sure I was safe at home and not driving around. Was I? Of course not! I had 2 offers to write! And, while in the office doing my paperwork, I answered the phone to another potential buyer (pre-approved, amen!) and set appointments to show him houses tomorrow! I'm excited about Tulsa's market, and it shows in my attitude. I love working with people to achieve their goals, whether buying or selling. To find out more, visit me at http://www.lauraduval.com/ Give your dreams an address...

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