Monday, January 26, 2009

Well folks, it looks like there is some bad weather heading our way. Be sure you have plenty of staples in the cabinet, flashlights, extra batteries, blankets and water. Don't forget to charge your cell phone and laptop so you will not be out of touch if you need help.

It's also a great time to give me a call @ 918-260-6180 and let me send you a list of homes currently for sale that might be of interest to you or a market analysis on your home if you are thinking about selling. It will give you something to do while you are waiting for the weather to break and, who knows, this just might be your time to make a move while interest rates are down.

Be safe and drive carefully if you have to get out, but stay home if you can. If you do get out, be sure you have an extra blanket in the car, jumper cables, flashlight and batteries, your cell phone, a light snack, extra dry socks and shoes----don't forget a couple of bottles of water.

We can only pray that this storm will not be anything like the December 2007 storm and it will quickly pass leaving us all safe and sound.

As always, you can visit my website to find out about all the happenings in the area; there are some good kid safe sites there as well.

Come back soon and lets talk college basketball and the upcoming NASCAR season (starts in less than 2 weeks with the shootout).

Be safe, enjoy the SuperBowl, and come back soon.

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