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I was retelling this story to a young agent that I'm in a transaction with and decided it was one of those uplifting stories that's worth repeating. The chain of events begain with a casual friend of ours referring their friends to us...we'll call them The Parents. After meeting with them, I learned their single adult daughter had been diagnosed with cancer during the early stage of being pregnant. She refused to be treated for the cancer until the baby was born. The baby boy was born healthy and The Daughter immediately went into aggressive treatment. Unfortunately the delay, then the agressive treatment, took a toll on her body. It left her on oxygen, in a wheelchair, and numerous serious health issues, at times close to death. She already had a young son, plus the newborn son. Here's where I came into this heart wrenching story. The Parents wanted to sell their home and The Daughter's home, then build a wheelchair accessable home for their combined families. Like a well divised plan (by God) The Daughter's home sold first, we began construction, then The Parents home sold in time for them to close on the new one. Myself and the builder felt alot of satisfaction on accomplishing these results. However, Someone wasn't exactly through with the story.

A few years later I get a call from The Daughter. I didn't recognize her voice, because by the time I had met her years before she couldn't speak much due to the oxygen. As soon as she said her name, I knew who she was and was wondering what's up? She informed me that she wanted to by a house and had seen a cute 2-story home that I had listed. WHAT!? Wanting to buy a 2-story house, when she'd been in a wheelchair the last time I had seen her! The Daughter filled me in on how her health had turned around, she was back to her old self, and ready to be on her own again! She did buy my listing and move in with her 2 sons.

THEN, about 18 months later, The Daughter calls me again. "Tina...I need to sell the house (big gulp on my end) and buy a bigger one. I'm getting married!" Well alrighty then! These are the calls I like to get! We got her home sold and found them a new construction home that was perfect for their new family.

I guess the moral of the story is that you never know where a simple referral is going to take you. Yes, to date I've had 6 transactions from this one family, but that's not what comes to mind when I think about's their story. It's the miracle. It's getting to play a part in a happy ending.

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