Friday, July 17, 2009

Not all Realtors are the same. Choose the one that has the plan.

It doesn’t seem to matter if my Buyers are looking at $80,000 houses or $300,000 houses – we will run across listings with no photos, no virtual tours and little information on MLS. And, Buyers often rule out looking at homes that they can’t preview from their home computer.

So, before you sign up with a Realtor to SELL your home, be sure to ask where and how your home will be marketed. Individual Realtors offer different services, and we pay to advertise your home out of our own pocket. We don’t regain that investment until your home sells.

Questions you want to ask your Realtor include: does your Realtor offer the enhanced advertising on that allows more photos, extensive verbiage and virtual tours? On which web sites will your virtual tours be displayed?

84% of Buyers are searching for homes on the internet before they ever contact a Realtor, so if your photos and virtual tours are not plastered on YouTube, and a dozen other popular web sites, the number of Buyers NOT seeing (and considering) your home is almost unquantifiable.

Will your Realtor be honest with you about the needed updates to prepare your home for sale? Buyers expect a home to be move-in ready because the inventory of homes is high and they have much from which to choose. Is your Realtor looking at your home through a potential Buyer’s eye?

Does your Realtor offer an electronic keybox, so that your showings can be accurately tracked and does your Realtor follow up with cooperating Realtors to get feedback? Will your Realtor provide good directions and maps to your home so that Buyers and Realtors can easily find you?

What staging services will your Realtor offer and will your Realtor go over comparables to price your home competitively? What steps will your Realtor take to promote a sale within a reasonable time frame? Will your Realtor present you with his/her marketing PLAN?

Lastly, how often will your Realtor communicate with you? You probably know how often your home is being shown if you occupy your property. Establish expectations with your Realtor from day one, and you’ll be less frustrated throughout the selling process.

The Realtor you want to AVOID is the Realtor who says your home is just fine, needs no improvements and agrees to price your home at whatever price you want. Run away from THAT Realtor!

Your home will sell if it is in top condition, priced correctly and marketed aggressively. Choose the Realtor that understands this selling strategy.

Marketing your home is expensive, but priceless.
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