Wednesday, September 9, 2009


When the hot weather breaks and the mail brings the notices for the kids’ school, it means many things. One of which is the realization that the time to complete outdoor home projects is running short. You don’t have to read the Little House series to know that the way people survived was by spending the summer getting ready for winter. The limiting problem is always paint. You can’t paint outside when it’s below 35F at night. Every outdoor project needs the protection of paint to make it through the winter intact, and that’s something we need to get done in September. When the weather gets that slight chill in it, there’s a real temptation to sit back and enjoy what is left of the summer. It’s our reward for getting through the bad weather of winter. September can be a beautiful month and there’s still time to enjoy it, and plenty of time to sit in the rocking chair. The cooler end of summer lasts a fair amount of time, so take advantage and finish off those nagging outdoor projects.

Tina & Mike Butler

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