Monday, December 14, 2009

A party appetizer that works EVERY time - Lori’s “ham roll” recipe

Everybody loves my recipes, although I rarely have amounts or quantity needed – “how much olive oil?” “I don’t know – it depends on how much pasta you make!” :-)

Here’s a recipe I make that’s great for holiday parties and will make people think you are a natural born chef. I wish I could think of a fancy name for them, but I just call them “ham rolls.”

Mix softened cream cheese with finely diced green onions and chopped artichoke hearts. I use the canned artichoke hearts, drained. Buy pre-packaged square ham luncheon meat and roll the cream cheese mixture, as if you were rolling a cigarette. You HAVE to pack the mixture at both ends, to make sure there are no air pockets.

Okay - I normally start with two packages of cream cheese, 2 cans of artichoke hearts, two to three bunches of green onions, and two packages of ham. If you wind up with extra filling, you can always use it as a dip with crackers!

After rolling the ham rolls, refrigerate to harden, then slice before serving. It's best to slice using a serrated or very sharp knife.

I tried this recipe with turkey one time, and I just missed the salty flavor of the ham. I have substituted hearts of palm for the artichokes, and that’s a nice change too.

Good luck if you make this for a holiday party! Let me know if you make any revisions that improve my recipe!

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Happy Holidays!

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