Sunday, January 24, 2010

Top Ten Tips for Getting Unstuck

1. Clean up some clutter!
Dump out the kitchen junk drawer and only put back what you need and toss the rest. Get rid of all the books you've already read and give them to friends to tidy up your bookcases. Clean out your inbox on your desk. Organize your closet. Pick one area of clutter and get it sorted! According the ancient principles of feng shui, clutter represents stuck energy, so if you are stuck, this is a sure-fire way to get moving again.
2. Get rid of 10 items in your house you no longer need or use.
Toss the meat tenderizer in your kitchen utensils drawer if you haven't used it. Get rid of old mugs, books, clothes that are clogging up your life. You are creating the space for new things and opportunities to come into your life.

3. Make a small change in one area of your life.
If you want to make a big change (new career, new relationship), but can't seem to do it, start with some small changes that you can do. Eat at a different restaurant than the one you usually choose. Or order something you've never tried at your old favorite restaurant. Drive or walk to work on a different route. If you eat lunch out, pack lunch. Start making small changes and that will help create the momentum for the bigger changes.

4. Get rid of or handle one to three things that you are currently putting up with or tolerating.
Fix that tear in your bathroom robe. Replace the glass in a broken window. Everything we tolerate drains our energy, making it hard to move forward to our bigger goals.

5. Get a massage.
Loosening up the body helps to loosen up the mind.

6. Spend some time in nature.
Even if it to lie under a tree in the local park or to spend some time gazing at the stars. Nature has a way of putting things in perspective.

7. Do one thing you've been putting off or postponing for a long time.
Get the dental appointment booked or your eyes checked. Fix the leaky sink. Write an old friend a long letter.

8. Hire a professional cleaning service to come in and give your house a spring cleaning from top to bottom.
This will literally shake the cobwebs off you!

9. Write a list of the 7 negative or over-influencers in your life.
Eg. 1. My boss micromanages me and it drives me crazy. 2. I watch too much TV. ...

10. Take a bath or shower.
Water has a way of stimulating our creativity and you may come up with a new way of looking at things/handling things.

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