Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Spring!

Sunday was the spring equinox which makes it officially spring! The daffodils must have gotten the message as they just opened up for the occasion.

With the spring, comes a natural inclination to open the windows, freshen up the linens and do a bit of spring cleaning. So go with the flow and if the urge strikes you, now is the perfect time to toss the clutter and give your home and office a good top to bottom cleaning.

I don't mean that you need to do this personally unless you feel so inclined -- bring in the professionals (or supportive friends) to help if you feel even the tiniest bit overwhelmed by the task.

That being said, I've gotten into the clearing and cleaning mood. I decided we have too many sets of sheets and they've all gotten jumbled up so twins are mixed in with the full-sized, king-sized and queen-sized. My new policy is to have only two sets for each bed -- one is on the bed and one set is to put on when those sheets are in the laundry. Each set of sheets will live in the room where the bed lives to avoid confusion.

This fits with the simplification rule of having only two extras (of anything) and since we have so many beds in the house, and no bed-wetters, then I really only need one extra set of sheets.

I even got carried away on a mission to tidy up the cabinets under my bathroom sink and bought a velvet-lined, wooden cutlery divider to put in my bathroom drawer to organize my make-up. It is much prettier than a plastic divider and makes a lovely home for my cosmetics. Now I can see everything at a glance.

In the process I discovered I have enough cosmetics and face cream to start a small shop and have put a freeze on buying new ones until I use up the ones I have. Nothing like grouping like items with like to see just how much of something you actually have.

This week tackle one small area of clutter. Alternatively, walk around the house with a bag or box and put seven things you no longer need or want into it and take it to a charity shop on the way to work.


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