Sunday, August 15, 2010

Why every Tulsa home buyer should schedule a final walk-through prior to closing

When representing a midtown Tulsa home buyer, I always schedule a final walk-though of their property purchase prior to closing. IF you asked for the refrigerator to remain with the property, the best time to find out if it is or isn't there is BEFORE you hand over a check at closing.

If you fell in love with that beautiful stained-glass light fixture in the entry way, you want to make sure it hasn't been replaced with something less expensive. Make sure everything you expected to be there, is there.

In the Oklahoma Contract for the Sale of Real Estate, there is a list of 32 items that automatically remain with the property unless specifically excluded in the contract. The list includes interior and exterior window treatments; fireplace inserts, doors and screens; ceiling fans, light fixtures, etc. Free standing items such as the refrigerator, washer and dryer do NOT automatically remain with the property, but can be specified for inclusion when negotiating the contract.

Why every Tulsa home buyer should schedule a final walk-through prior to closing

If the home seller knows that you intend to do a final walk-through prior to closing, there is less likely to be any shenanigans. However sometimes, it's truly a misunderstanding - the home seller may have had a personal attachment to a particular light fixture or mirror and neglected to communicate that to the Listing Realtor. Regardless, the best time to settle any dispute is before you hand the home seller a check.

I have also written contracts stipulating that something will be REMOVED from the property. If my Tulsa home buyers do not WANT the trampoline in your back yard, we're going to specify in the contract that the home sellers remove it. We want to make sure that's been done.

I always let the Listing Realtor know early on that my Tulsa home buyers and I would like to schedule a final walk-through prior to closing.

It seems the house is always a little cleaner and fresher than when I skip that final, crucial step.

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