Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Working with the Millennials

Also known as the Generation Y, their exact ages aren’t easy to pin down; the start of their birth years ranges from the 1970s to mid 1980's depending on your source. Most of the them have no memory of life before computers!
Communicating with them is much easier than you would think but you better be text savvy. They want instant gratification and they want it in the palm of their hand. They prefer texts with mobile downloads over voicemail and email. I can typically get a faster response when I shoot them a text.
Millennial's want low-hassle living which means a low-maintenance house. For example, a small yard that doesn't take long to mow and no pool to maintain. Although, they love the idea of a neighborhood pool to meet with friends. This generation grew up with groups of people around them all the time so they may choose a house that has a large gathering area over large bedrooms.
Statistics show 85% of people now start their home search on line but my guess is much higher for millennial's. They've done their research and know a bit about the market they are in. That's where a real estate professional like myself steps in and walks them through the rest of the home buying process. So check out my website and give me a call today!
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