Sunday, July 17, 2011

Is it easy being green? Tips for greening your home!

Looking for easy ways to "green" your home and put a little green in your pocket? Consider some of the following quick and easy tips! 1) Get rid of old, seldom used appliances, the refrigerator in the garage consumes a lot of energy! 2) Keep your heat and air running smoothly by having them serviced on a yearly basis and set them a little cooler or warmer than feels comfortable. Make sure your filters are clean and use programmable thermostats! 3) Conserve water by adding aerators to your faucets and low water usage toilets. 4) Unplug energy "vampires" those items such as coffee makers, dvds & vcrs that are constantly using low amounts of electricity. 5) Add extra insulation to your attic to keep heated and cooled air inside. 6) Keep your air in, plug the leaks around doors and windows. 7) Switch to energy efficient light bulbs. 8) When old appliances wear out switch to appliances that have a high level of energy efficiency. 9) Shade your home, plant trees! 10) Use less paper! Get off junk mail lists, turn excess printed material into note paper.

Susie Genet
Chinowth & Cohen Realtors



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