Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Heat is On! Summer Home Selling Tips

The heat this summer in Tulsa, OK (and many other parts of the country) has been record setting. If you are selling your home here are some tips to make your house the one that buyers will remember... no matter how hot it gets!
Of course, the number one tip is, keep it cool! If you have a showing scheduled for your home, make sure it is an oasis for the buyers. They will want to stay longer if it feels good!
Brighten it up! Summer is the time for bright touches of colors and lots of light, not the heavy dark colors and closed drapes associated with winter. Add some splashes of summer colors with pillows and accents and open the drapes.
Make sure that it smells fresh! A light citrus smells is perfect for summer.
Clean! Clean! and Clean some more! A clean decluttered home is what buyers want to see. Put away personal hygiene items in the bathrooms and be sure the kitchen is spotless.
Even if your yard is turning brown, be sure that the landscaping near the entry looks fresh and green! Buyers will remember that first impression... dead flowers in a pot are not inviting.
Susie Genet

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