Friday, September 16, 2011

Oklahoma Home Price Appreciation Ranks Third in U. S.

Oklahoma was one of three bright spots in the nation, as U.S. housing slogs through a slump now in its fourth year since the 2007 sub prime mortgage meltdown and start of the national housing bust.

It's Oklahoma in third by a nose in the home price appreciation race, one of just three winners in a field of 51 contenders.

Oklahoma home values eked out an increase of 0.28 percent for the year ending June 30, according to the Federal Housing Finance Administration's purchase-only index — refinancing scratched from the lineup — released Thursday.

The District of Columbia was first, with a gain of 12.13 percent, and North Dakota came in second with an increase of 3.87 percent.

Behind Oklahoma were 48 states where prices depreciated, from a 0.25 percent drop in Alaska to a 14.91 percent dive in Arizona.

Oklahoma was in one of the few winners' circles in the nation, as U.S. housing as a whole continues to slog through a slump now in its fourth year since the 2007 sub prime mortgage market meltdown and bust of the national housing bubble. Oklahoma missed the bubble, for the most part — and has missed the worst of the aftermath.

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Source: Richard Mize,, 8/26/11

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