Thursday, October 25, 2012

Interior Design Trends for 2012

We all know trends come and go, but here are some that stand out this season and could be worth a try in your home!

Nontraditional art and lighting
Even though these are two different trends, I’ve grouped them into the same category because they have an underlying commonality; they are both “nontraditional.” Lighting is turning toward LED options and popular art today tends to be oversized and three-dimensional.

Although many are experimenting with elaborate lighting choices, you can try a less risky approach by gathering string lights in a decorative vase or you can try spot lighting focal points in your garden to double up on drama. Art is also evolving and is oversized, 3-D, or both if you’re feeling daring! Both of these styles can be played down by pairing them with traditional furniture or a subdued color pallet.

Mixing Pieces
Mixing pieces has become a favorite new trend for many reasons. First of all, it allows you to use heirloom pieces you might not have found a place for otherwise. Secondly, mixing pieces also allows you to use antique family heirlooms, forge a flea market or build your own piece proving this trend can also be cost effective. And finally, it’s fun! Having no rules while decorating means you can mix not only furniture styles, but also colors and patterns.   

Bold Graphics
Many once-retro patterns are making a comeback with Ikat, chevron and chain links topping the popularity list. The fun part comes when deciding how to use these bold prints. Many dive right in and try wallpaper, but if you’re looking for a less permanent option, throw pillows and rugs are an easy way to infuse your interiors with this trend.

Good news for Oklahoma State University fans, the color of the year named by Pantone is... Tangerine Tango! Sticking with the bold color trend happening in fashion right now, this juicy orange shade stands out for all of the right reasons. Suggested color pairings to tame these tones are neutrals, this season neutral means gray, white or black. Other bold colors that are popular this year are chartreuse, magenta and bright yellows.

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