Sunday, September 14, 2014

 Fall & Winter Lawn Care

Keep your lawn and landscape in tip-top condition throughout
the fall and winter by following the tips listed below.

September and October:
 Re-seed and fertilize cool season grasses, after Labor Day.
 Fertilize Bermuda and Zoysia before October 1st with 16-8-8 or milorganite.
 Replace summer annuals with pansies or chrysanthemums.
 Tulips, Hyacinths, and Daffodils are available late September. Plant after first frost.
 Fertilize trees and shrubs with fertilizer or tree spikes.
 Lightly prune roses and other summer flowering shrubs.

November and December:
 Replace trees and shrubs that did not survive the summer.
 Control existing broadleaf winter weeds with  fertilizer application for season.
 If rainfall has been deficient, water thoroughly (6-8” deep) prior to a freeze.
 Mulch or wrap tender plants to protect from freeze damage.
 Remove any support stakes around trees that have been in place for one growing
 Many perennials can be divided now.
 Plant fall bulbs before the end of December.

January and February:

 If rainfall has been deficient, water lawns, trees and shrubs, especially any
 Many ‘green’ winter weeds can be controlled now with Roundup as it won’t harm

dormant Bermuda or Zoysia. 

A beautiful landscape is inviting and gives your home perceived value. Consider this if you are thinking of selling your home.  Enticing curb appeal is a welcome sign to buyers.  For more information on tips that make your home more "sellable", contact me at 918.630.8431 for a Seller Consultation.

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